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Welcome to Piarin Piano Music!

At Piarin Music, we first open our hearts, and cherish the hearts of enjoyment and the hearts of wanting to try.
I think the joy and sense of accomplishment you get when you play a song will shine brightly as a wonderful gift for your heart.


Piano Lesson

I love solfeggio (songs). Because it feeds on:

  • how to sing a phrase

  • How to read and understand sheet music

  • Expression of articulation

  • How to prepare yourself when making loud or soft sounds

  • music for others

At the same time, they develop a sense of pitch, rhythm, and harmony. By doing solfeggio, you will develop the ability to play while looking at the score without looking at the keyboard, and the ability to play while listening to not only one sound but multiple sounds. Piano skills are improved through hands-on practice, arm usage, finger training, etc.

I will guide you so that you can play music the way you want to express yourself, sing it, and play it. Younger children begin by experiencing and developing their sense of pitch, sense of rhythm, and expression of dynamics through physical rhythm play.


  • piano lesson

  • Rhythm play with parents and children

  • music, listening

  • Music class support classes for returning to Japan (wind flute, pianica, regular test preparation for junior high and high schools, etc.)

  • Please feel free to contact us for anything other than the above.


Bothell, WA

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Kamug Method

Based on the curriculum directly taught by Mr. Kamug and using the Kamug method, we will create and implement a curriculum that meets your needs, such as events for Pre-School and regular lessons.

The Kamug Method is a method to develop the power to keep your mind open, “music power” and “sparkling eyes” through the fun of rhythm music devised by Mr. Kamug. This is a new type of rhythm music class that has been featured on NHK TV, radio programs, and magazines.

Piarin Method

The Piarin Method is based on the Kamug Method, and is a way to cultivate a rich mind that accepts, imagines, and expresses things. It is not limited to music, but any art field, and fosters the foundation of communication.

​​People perceive, interpret, and express things every day. Whether it's painting or communicating with people. Music is no different. Understanding and interpreting experiences and events in their own way and express them in the way of music. When you sing a song about tulips, rather than just singing vaguely, if you think about the tulips that bloom in the garden that you worked hard to grow, you will hear a completely different song. What I want to teach children is to develop a rich heart that accepts things on their own, thinks for themselves, and expresses themselves.


Music in childhood (0-5 years old)

Children at this age are learning a lot from their surroundings. During this sensitive period, children will come into contact with various things, nurture imagination and creativity, and nurture a rich heart through the enjoyment of music.


6 years old—

Through music, we cultivate various ways of expression so that we can express things with all our hearts.


Born in Tokyo. From an early age, received classical piano and music education.  
She graduated from the Faculty of Music, Piano Department, Ferris University. Since she was a student, she started writing lyrics and singing, and started working mainly in live houses in Tokyo with her piano playing style.
She also performs Jazz Piano Trio, recording commercial songs, and working as a back musician.
As a piano teacher she teaches a wide range of people from children to adults. Recognizing the wide range of possibilities of music, she started activities for early childhood music education with her mother, who is a piano teacher, and her father, who is involved in music education.


  • ​"Kamug-sensei and Piarin's Parent-Child Concert" started at NHK Studio Park, kindergartens, nursery schools, etc.

  • Participated in a meeting to encourage children to get up early, organized by pediatricians and educators. "Early rise is very important concert" with doctors

  • Appeared on TV Tokyo "Norimono Studio" as a singer and piano sister "Chacharoo"

  • Appeared on BS NTV "Anpanman Club"


  • ​Participated in Yotsuya Tenmado Label's compilation album "Piano & Woman episode3"

  • Released her first album "Kenban Girl" from Yotsuya Tenmado label.

  • Music column serialized in the music magazine "Monthly Kayokyoku"

  • Original song and choreography “Tanoshii Rhythm Asobi” was serialized in the magazine “Enfan” published by Sankei Living Co., Ltd.

  • Participated in the book "Mr. Kamug's Everyday is Fun! One Minute Rhythm Play" Suzuki Publishing Co., Ltd.

  • Participated in the CD "Mr. Kamug's Rhythm Play for Early Rise and Healthy Brains!" King Records

  • "Magical Piano Advice" published by Suzuki Publishing

Piarin (Mari)

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